Panasonic provides versatile, expandable solutions that will grow with you by leveraging today’s best technologies.  Using a combination of advanced telephony products along with other IP-enabled applications, Panasonic provides richer, fully-capable business communication solutions for your business today.

These New Panasonic Communication Servers (aka Phone Systems) Allow You To Own, Create And Manage Your Own “Self-Hosted” (Cloud-based-type) System Inside Your Own Business *WITHOUT* Having To Pay The “FOREVER” Fees Always Associated With A Standard Hosted System!

As you already know, I’m wholly invested in helping Small Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations get the Absolute Most Cost-Effective Systems available.  Which is exactly why we choose Panasonic.

Panasonic is a global leader in business communications, and provides the latest in Enhanced Communications Solutions for small to mid-size businesses, delivering exceptional quality, reliability and ease-of-use.

Why Pay Someone Else To “Host” Your Phone System When You Can Own All Of The Power, Features And Control…  Watch This One Minute Video And See What I Mean:

The Answer Is Simple…  If You Need A Phone System That Will Last (Seemingly) Forever, Support Multiple Locations, Remote Workers, Smart Phones and True Mobility, then Panasonic has the Business Phone System to Meet Your Needs:
  • Easily configure from 8 to over 1000 extensions
  • Seamlessly expand and network solutions
  • Reduce costs by leveraging existing data networks
  • Centralize feature access for multiple locations
  • Support mobile workforce with wireless connectivity
  • Compatible with many Panasonic and 3rd Party applications
Business Phones to Fit Every Need:
  • IP Phones offer more powerful features
  • IP soft phones offers PC-based communications
  • SIP phones for savings and centralizaiton
  • Conference phones for clarity and networking
  • Multi-cell DECT wireless for mobiltiy
  • Digital Phones for affordability and scalability

Do Not Buy A New System Without Reading This First!

This Is The Definitive Guide To Choosing The RIGHT Phone System For Your Small Business Or Nonprofit.

Do NOT Buy A New Phone System For Your Business Before Reading This Guide To Avoid Getting Trapped In An Impossible-To-Cancel Contract, For What May Turn Into An Expensive & Frustrating Phone System That You May Actually End Up Hating!

 In This Guide You’ll Discover:

      Uncensured facts about the phone system industry that no phone system salesperson (aka the “Other Guys”) will ever tell you, but you need to know before buying a new system.

     How to cut through all of the technical jargon, marketing hype and sales blather so you can know the most important features and attributes, your business needs, are included.

     A hidden “GOTCHA” clause most cloud-system vendors try to put in their contracts that lock you in forever and legally bind you to pay thousands of dollars in penalties to cancel… even if the phone system does not perform as advertised.  Do NOT sign a contract if this clause is in there!

     The proposal “shell game” of hidden costs, taxes, fees, surcharges, and other unanticipated fees that 99% of these “Other Guys” won’t tell about before you sign up.  Basically tricking you into thinking you’re getting a great bargain…  You Are Not!

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